Originally cultivated in North and Central America, acorn squash was initially introduced to early European settlers by Native Americans tribes; it is among the most authentic of Thanksgiving foods! A..
If you like clementines, you’ll love the satsuma. This easy-peeling citrus fruit originated in Japan, but Louisiana grows most satsumas that you’ll find stateside. The fruit is named after..
Tofu gets an underserved reputation as being a dull, flavorless meat substitute. But when it’s prepared properly, tofu is light, delicate and endlessly versatile. Since it has such a mild flavor..
If you’re craving a filling, veg-friendly dinner option, risotto might be just what you’re looking for. Risotto is a creamy rice dish, most commonly made with Arborio rice, a short-grain w..
Walnuts, an extremely healthy food is the oldest tree food known to man, dating back to 7000 B.C. The Romans called walnuts Juglans regia, “Jupiter’s royal acorn.” Early history indi..
Apple cider vinegar, also known as cider vinegar or ACV is one of the worlds most popular home remedies for cold and flu, allergies, upset stomach, constipation, heartburn, healing wounds, improving a..
One of the classic French herbs, thyme is a common component of herbes de Provence and bouquet garni,a bundle of herbs tied together with a string used to flavor long-simmering dishes.Thyme has a slig..
Wonder what gives Indian curries that brilliant yellowish-orange color? You guessed right- it is indeed turmeric, a tropical plant that is native to India and used in cooking since 600 B.C. It has a b..
Healthy greek yogurt is skyrocketing in popularity,and one taste might just make you a convert. Greek yogurt is noticeably thicker and creamier than traditional yoghurt. That’s because Greek yog..
A white-fleshed sea fish found in European waters, John Dory (also known as St Pierre or Peter's fish), is an edible fish with an oval, flat, olive-yellow body which has a large dark spot, and long sp..
These days, many home cooks are making the switch to as much healthy, organic, local and humanely-raised food that their wallet will allow. But when it comes to beef, what does grass-fed really mean? ..
Common Pheasants are native to Asia and are found in woodland, farmland, scrub and wetlands. It is believed that pheasants were introduced into Europe from China in about 1300 BC. They were brought to..
Saw palmetto or Serenoa repens, is a small palm endemic to the southeastern United States. The fruit of the saw palmetto is a large reddish-black drupe and is an important food source for wildlife and..