Spring garlic is named so because its growth is one of the first indications that winter is nearly over. A relative of onions, garlic is characterized by its strong flavor and smell, stemming from its..
The acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is an antioxidant rich super-fruit native to South and Central America. The acai berry is smaller than a grape in size and has a dark purple color. It has gained..
Tempeh is a patty made from soybeans (and often different grains) originally from Indonesia. Since it is made with spices, it has a unique but flavorful taste. To make tempeh, soybeans and spices are ..
Considered to be a highly nutrient dense food, wheat germ has more nutrients per ounce than any vegetable. Packed with protein and fiber, wheat germ is a popular choice for athletes, as it aids in mai..
The almond is a species of tree native to the Mediterranean climate region of the Middle East, but is now popularly harvested throughout the world for its seeds. Almonds have a rich history; their cul..
Olives, one of the oldest foods known, are thought to have originated in Crete or Syria between five and seven thousand years ago. The venerable oil of the olive has been consumed since as early as 3,..
Native to the Mediterranean region and West Asia, mint is named after a Grecian myth. In the story, Menthe, originally a nymph, angered the wife of Hades who turned her into a lowly plant! Hades, unab..
Even though it is called Black salt or Kala Namak, this rock salt has a pinkish or puple color when ground. Also known as kala namak, kala loon, or black Indian salt, is a salty and pungent smelling c..
In an interesting tradition, certain regions in India once delighted in allowing buffalo milk to sour overnight into a yogurt, then churning it, yielding a sour-tasting liquid that greatly improves im..
Spot prawns are a delicious and popular variety of shrimp harvested off the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Spot prawns are hermaphroditic, maturing as males then trans..
When given the choice between grass-fed and grain-fed lamb, you might ask yourself: is the slightly more expensive grass-fed lamb really worth it? However, there are many benefits to choosing grass-fe..
Geese have been consumed and enjoyed for celebratory purposes for centuries. In the Middle Ages, they were used as centerpieces to help honor the winter solstice. They were bred for their meat in anci..
Saw palmetto or Serenoa repens, is a small palm endemic to the southeastern United States. The fruit of the saw palmetto is a large reddish-black drupe and is an important food source for wildlife and..