About A Daily Apple

Most people aren't thrilled by the idea of dieting, or chowing down on run-of-the-mill fruits and veggies after a long day of work. A Daily Apple takes this burden off of your shoulders by facilitating a healthy lifestyle and helping you expand your culinary horizons. ADailyApple.com features daily articles on healthy ingredients so that you don't have to be stressed by the idea of eating a boring salad, again, for dinner. Get insights into the origins of foods, their unique characteristics and health benefits, tips on how pick them out from the store, and exactly how to cook them at home! Accompanying recipes and videos can be easily added to your list favorites so that you can build a library of delicious ideas for your next meal!

And if you're too busy to log onto the website, A Daily Apple App for iPhone is here to help! Gain access to all of the same information and build your culinary repertoire from the road. Don't worry, it will be synced to your online account when you get home! If you're too busy to get to the store, every ingredient is linked to a unique online store where you can stock up for a later date. From the most common fruits and vegetables to ingredients that you may never have heard of, A Daily Apple gives you the tools to transform your lifestyle and start eating healthier.