About A Daily Apple APP

Ever wonder where most of the world's mangoes are grown? Are you familiar with watermelon radish? Do you know how to cook up a delicious tomatillo salsa? A Daily Apple is here to help! This app is your one-stop source of information on what foods are good for you and how to incorporate them into your day-to-day life

With this app you can take quizzes, read articles, watch videos, and discover new recipes. Additionally, in the paid version there are no ads, full access to the archives, no limit on favorites, and full search capability. And just in case you're out when you hear about that day's delcious ingredient and want to have it in your library for a later date, the paid app also automatically syncs up your favorites between the app and the website!

From the most common fruits and vegetables to ingredients that you may never have heard of, this app provides you with interesting information to help you transform your lifestyle and start eating healthier!